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Depending on age, weight, breed and health, I will personalize a plan for your dog after our first consultation. Your pup will be able to run, jog, walk at whatever pace they're feeling that day, without overexertion. Skates  always include a nice warm up, potty breaks,  shaded water breaks, and a slow cool down. 




If your dog is getting older like our boy Theo (right) or his best friend Wriggly (left), the stroller is a great way to give your dog the ride of a lifetime! Seeing sights, and smelling smells, we'll enjoy a fun joyride around town! The stroll with start after a good stretch and relief break. 


As much as I want to skate your pup, I know that is not always the case. Like I mentioned before, I am here for whatever your pet care needs are so please contact me for any special requests. 

Skates, Strolls and Walks are are all priced equally.

20 minutes = $20

30 minutes = $25 

40 minutes = $30

50 minutes = $35

60 minutes = $40

* ask about the PRO Package if your pup can't get enough of the FUN!

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Leaving town for a day or more? Schedule a sleepover! Your residence or mine, your dog will still have the sweetest of dreamsAll requests and accommodations for your dogs sleep regiment as well as house care will be met.  I've slept on sleeper buses half my life being on the road with hockey, so a comfy couch and TV is all I need! 

*If your pup stays with my wife and I, we have 2 very friendly, lazy, snore-y French Bulldogs!* 

Your residence - $75/night

-includes 3 walks

My residence $55/night

Please book in advance