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Max Nicastro, Founder of  Skate Dogtor

My name is Max Nicastro, being a retired professional hockey player I started the dog rollerblading company, Skate Dogtor, in Charleston. It's been a dream come true establishing something very different in the dog walking industry, and the satisfaction of letting the dogs run under my control brings such smiles to their faces, as it does mine!

Now, my goal is to bring light and love to help shelter dogs find their furever homes by skating them into adoption!



The Skate Dogtor is looking to build and maintain strong relationships with the local animal shelters around Charleston, South Carolina. The Skate Dogtor and their team of professionals including, Max Nicastro and Megan Giarratano, professional dog trainer, visit the local animal shelters on a weekly basis to meet with the adoptable dogs and the shelter directors! They all work together to choose different dogs to skate and train, to then showcase as an adoptable pet! The Skate Dogtor will create a marketing campaign to help that dog find their furever home!  The Skate Dogtor will place these photos and videos of the adoptable dog on their social media to help these pets find their furever family and home! It is The Skate Dogtor's mission to skate each and every shelter dog that we can, to find each and every one of them a wonderful home. We believe in bringing love, light, and happiness to every dog's life, one skate at a time.

We hope you see the vision as we do and the impact we are looking to make in this world, one animal at a time.

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